Finally we did it!

First of all, I would like to say that after one year of research and development and multiple prototyping iterations, our new keyboard has FINALLY arrived!

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This is a 75% keyboard, technically speaking it is not, you can see our right side LED strip, module, and metal logo block.


Among them, the module is our focus introduction of the gesture recognition module. When you need to perform gesture actions, please perform them 10cm directly above the module. When you first get the keyboard, the gesture actions are set to default, but we can customize the gesture functions through software. (PS: Page up and Page Down are placed on FN+arrow keys up and down to trigger)


After talking about the gesture, let's take a look at the appearance of our keyboard. This time we made a bold attempt and adopted an asymmetric design. We designed it based on the contours of a Mobius strip, making the keyboard look unique from many angles.

The entire case is made through CNC machining and then processed with anodizing (gray-black style) and electrophoretic coating (white style). The right metal logo block can achieve different light and shadow effects through the prism expansion pack we provide.

For metal keyboards, Bluetooth was not stable many years ago, but it is now very common. We used Bluetooth 5.2+3.0 this time, so when you get the keyboard, you can choose to connect based on the compatibility of your device's Bluetooth.

The keycaps are provided in collaboration with keyreative, PBT hot stamping keycaps with high color reproduction. They are different from ordinary cheap PBT hot stamping keycaps, even at the edges the color is uniform without any unevenness.

For parameter reference, please refer to the table below:

(1.2mm thickness PCB board and the foams)

The Mobius keyboard will be released on crowdfunding first in the future. If you are interested in the product, you can follow our social media and Facebook group. We will update various product-related information and activities as soon as possible.