How To Use My EC66

EC66 Manual(Wirelesss version)


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How To Adjust Backlight

Press FN+\ =change light mode

Switch between 14 different light modes

Press FN+Backspace=BackIight off

Press FN+P= Change light color


Bluetooth Pairing

Turn on the power switch located on the back of the keyboard, press FN+Q/W/E to enter Bluetooth mode (Q/W/E Blue light blinks slowly),

then press FN+Q/W/E for 3 seconds to start connecting to device(Q/W/E Blue light blinks rapidly). 

After connecting, Q/W/E blue light blinks no more.

Press FN+Q/W/E to switch between 3 devices connected via Bluetooth.

System support: If your device do not support Bluetooth 5.0, please choose BT 3.0 KB to pair with instead of BT 5.0 KB.


2.4GHz Wireless Mode Pairing

Turn on the power switch located on the back of the keyboard, press FN+R to enter 2.4GHz wireless mode, then press FN+R for 3 seconds to start connecting to device( R Green light blinks rapidly). After connecting, R green light blinks no more.

Before packaging, the pairing process is complete, no need to pair for use.


Wired Mode

Before using in wired mode, user should press FN+T to enter wired mode.


Meaning Of Some Key’s Light Blinking/lighting On

Left Ctrl( Green light on )= Battery is charging Left Ctrl( Red light blinks slowly )= Low battery

Press FN+Y for 3 seconds=Remaining Battery Indicates(From numer key 0-1 represents 100%-1 0%).

Q/W/E( Blue light blinks slowly )= Bluetooth mode

Q/W/E( Blue light blinks rapidly )= Bluetooth mode pairing

R( Green light blinks slowly)= 2.4GHz wireless mode

R( Green light blinks rapidly )= 2.4GHz wireless mode pairing