DUKHARO NightSmoker Wireless TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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Gasket Mount, Hot-swappable, Wired/Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz wireless connection, south-facing RGB, Programmable Wheel

(Please note that this is a pre-sale product, we will ship it in early June.)

Switch options: MO V2 PINK/MO V2 GREEN

Plate options: Steel/PC(still being tested)

Color options: Red White/TBD

Programmable Wheel

Unlike the knob design previously placed on the right corner, we placed two scroll wheels between the F area raw and the number raw, which allows you to scroll the wheels without moving the right hand holding the mouse.

Gasket Mounting style

A kind of keyboard structure that isolates the PCB from the keyboard case to avoid physical contact, is known as a way to improve keyboard typing feel and sound.

Hot Swappable

The hot swappable sockets are integrated into the PCB board which allows the switch to freely pull off and install without soldering. You can just use a switch puller to easily finish switch replacement instead of spending hours unsoldering and soldering.

 South-facing RGB backlit

NightSmoker has 14 different light modes, we can freely change them by pressing key combos(FN+insert).

Also, we could customize our own backlit via the software, and all the LEDs are south-facing.

Wired and Wireless

NightSmoker supports three different connections: USB wired, Bluetooth wireless, and 2.4GHz wireless.

In Bluetooth mode, the keyboard can connect up to 3 devices and switch freely among the connected devices. 

In addition, with devices connected in wired mode and 2.4GHz wireless mode, we can connect up to 5 devices.

Powerd by NAE Studio

NightSmoker features whole new ABS double-shot keycaps with their font and profile newly designed by NAE Studio, offering a vibrant and faithful color reproduction, ensuring that the actual product matches the concept image.

DUKHARO MO V2 Switches