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EC66 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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EC66 wireless mechanical keyboard without keycaps and switches

Connectivity: Wired/Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz wireless

Plate material: Aluminum

Knob color: Red

Wireless Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard

Eclipse EC66 is a 60% wireless mechanical keyboard with a programmable knob, and what we want to share with the community is that a keyboard which is "Pleasant to see, hear and use".

Programmable Metal Knob

An aluminum knob is equipped on the upper right of the keyboard. You can program the knob with any function that you want which will make daily use much interesting and convenient.

 RGB backlit

EC66 keyboard has 14 different light modes, you can freely change them by pressing key combos(FN+\).

Gasket Mount

Gasket Mount, a kind of keyboard structure that isolates the PCB from the keyboard case to avoid physical contact, is known as a way to improve keyboard typing feel and sound.


The hot-swappable sockets were integrated on PCB board which allows the switch to freely pull off and install without soldering. You can just use a switch puller to easily finish switch replacement instead of spending hours to unsoldering and soldering.

Trial connection mode

-EC66 supports three different connections: USB wired, Bluetooth wireless, and 2.4GHz wireless.


Keyboard customization can be easily realized via powerful software. By using the software, you can assign a key with any function that you need, such as macro, key combo, and media control. Besides, the metal knob also can be customized to almost all functions except for macro.

The on-board memory allows configuration that you created in the software to save on the keyboard for offline use without launching software.

Now the software for Windows is available.